A letter emailed to Premier Berejiklian on 5 July, 2020

If you Google Premier Berejiklian, you are taken to a “Contact the Premier” page, on which is an incredibly cumbersome and complicated email form which we used in 3 attempts to send the letter shown below – and still didn’t get a clear cut indication that it had been sent successfully!!! Hopefully she got it.

So we put it up on this page on our website on 5 July, 2020. Hopefully she’ll read it.

We’ll let you know if we get a response.

Email us at info@questionsmisc.info.

A 9 July, 2020 update: Not even an acknowledgement yet.

We’re neither Liberal or Labour, we don’t care which, and we have a belief that that’s how all the people in NSW are going to gradually become – that modern technology has changed the world to the extent that the party that gets the most votes in future elections will be the party that has the best track record ¬†of addressing concerns people send to them in emails. This will become the best means of marketing.

In other words, the party that uses ordinary email addresses, not email forms, to enable people to set out their concerns quickly and easily, and has people standing by who people think address their concerns the best, within reasonable times.

Of course, it’s almost too obvious to say that, at present at least, both the NSW Government and the NSW Opposition seem to be a million miles away from being like that.

As an illustration of this, one of our readers claims that, only a couple of days ago, after he’d raised an issue with his local State MP, Geoff Lee, he got a “snail mail” letter back, not an email, advising that the issue had been passed on to Minister Hazzard, and adding the proviso, “Please be advised that a response may take several weeks to complete” – this, when our reader claims that a lot of the times the issues that are passed on to Minster Hazzard are NEVER responded to, and once, when he DID get a response from one of the Minister’s people, it was the worst letter he’d got in his whole life.

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