Ms Sue Dawson, NSW Health Care Complaints Commissioner 1

If you click on this link, you are taken to an article entitled, “A day in the life of … Sue Dawson.” This is part of it:-

To us, two sentences in it are ridiculous, nothing short of bizarre!

The fact that we have people feeling comfortable about making complaints, and empowered to question the care they have been given, is a good thing.”

In the context of the tens of millions of health services delivered in NSW each year, the number of complaints is reassurance that the quality of our care is good.”

This, when, after she’s admitted that the Commission expected to get nearly 600 complaints a month in the 2018-2019 year, she submits that this provides “reassurance that the quality of our care is good” – perhaps it was good in many cases, but nearly 600 people a month didn’t think so in their cases, taking the time and trouble to make a complaint, when there would be many others, perhaps another 600 didn’t, having learnt from making previous complaints themselves, or in some other way, that doing so was a waste of their precious time.

This, when 98% of those who complain are told they are stupid for complaining because they don’t have a basis to do so, leading her to submit that, as a result, people generally are “feeling comfortable about making complaints???”

This, when, in the rare cases when a basis for complaint is accepted, and the public receive notice of this in one of their Media Releases, it’s a least 5 years since the issues involved arose, and most likely at least 5 years since a complaint was made – although the dates of complaints are NEVER disclosed.

This, when often, health care workers who are found guilty of something, have retired, or otherwise ceased to be registered to practice anyway.

And, of course, the person who’s been letting her get away with this rubbish for 3 and a half years now, is Premier Berejiklian.

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