The “reward system” for NSW doctors and other health care workers

One of our readers claims that, on the recommendation of Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist, and trusting him, he underwent a TURP operation, allegedly to help with a frequency problem he was experiencing, he was having to get up 2 or 3 times a night to urinate, and that, as well as the fact that it hadn’t helped in any way, (as Brooks himself subsequently admitted in writing,) as an inevitable consequence, it happens with TURP operations ALWAYS, his sex life has been badly affected badly, and it’s for the rest of his life, it can’t be reversed.

It wouldn’t need to be explained to our male readers that, in having an organism, a large part of the pleasure they feel comes from their semen being ejaculated through their penis – well, after a TURP operation, that doesn’t happen, their semen is sent up into their bladder which doesn’t cause them to feel a thing.

We’ve often speculated as to how much gaol time a thug would get if he’d assaulted someone in a pub, and that as a consequence, his sex life had been similarly affected badly for the rest of his life? Perhaps it would take a male judge to appreciate how much a disaster this was. We’re certainly of the opinion that Brooks should have got time in gaol – perhaps should still be gaol?

But our 2 main points are:-

Firstly, in case our readers haven’t realised it yet, in NSW, under Ms Sue Dawson and her people at the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, we have a “reward system” in which doctors like Brooks know  they can get away with this sort of thing, in fact, can get away with anything – of course, he only recommended the TURP operation so he could get a fee of $3,200 for less than an hours work, and no doubt he’s done it over an over again and perhaps is still doing it over and over again, (it would be incredibly unlikely that the only time he’d ever done it was with our reader,) without ever having the slightest fear that complaints to the HCCC about his conduct would be otherwise than dismissed as having no proper basis.

Our reader says he’s never made a complaint to the HCCC about Brooks as, from other experiences, he knows how useless they are, and that it would be a waste of his precious time. He says that he imagines Brooks would come up with, “I explained to Mr XXX that if he had a TURP operation his sex life would be affected badly for the rest of his life, that it couldn’t be reversed, but he said he didn’t care about this so long as it saved him from getting up an extra one or two times a night to urinate!!!!!” – what else could he say? And that it wouldn’t matter how many times our reader said that this hadn’t happened, particularly pointing out that Brooks didn’t have anything in writing to confirm his consent, as would have been reasonably expected, that Ms Dawson would believe Brooks, and not the complainant – they NEVER believe complainants!

It would interesting to know how many times patients have complained to the HCCC after Brooks has done this – all to no avail, of course!

But, Secondly, and far more importantly as far as we’re concerned, is that in the three and half years since Gladys Berejiklian became the leader of the NSW Government, in January, 2017, she’s done nothing about Sue Dawson being the NSW Health Care Complaints Commissioner, when surely Dawson would have to one of the worst people imaginable to fill this role – when surely it would be kindergarten stuff to find someone better! Ms Dawson herself doesn’t deny that 98% of the more than 550 NSW people a month who complain about NSW health care workers, mainly doctors, (and we’re sure that that number could be easily be many many more if the word hadn’t got around that complaining was a waste of time,) are, in the end, told they have nothing to complain about – that the people in NSW, in general, are stupid, they keep complaining, when they have nothing to complain about.

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